By The Way

Program: St. Stephen's Episcopal School,

Austin, TX

Filmmakers: Brendan Whyburn, 17 &

Susannah Joffe, 16

This is a short film about two people

anonymously falling in love over

doodles on a desk.

Life Rolls On

Program: Pacific Arts Movement, San Diego, CA

Filmmakers: Reagan Yorke, 15

Young Danny Smuts is a typical teenager, full of life, character, and charisma and an overachiever in athletics, especially soccer. When an unexpected accident on the soccer field causes Danny’s life to change forever, he is supported by family and friends as he not only copes with paralysis, but proves to others that he can beat anything, and that anything is possible.


Fault Lines

Program: Youth FX, Albany, NY

Filmmakers: Bejaniia Clayton, 19

An experimental narrative that visually portrays the struggle to survive as a black person living in America today.

Program: BAYCAT, San Francisco, CA

Filmmakers: Ginger Chen, 17 & Phil Elleston II,16

A group of friends celebrate the end of their senior year in high school. Some are graduating, some are not. Their different views and experiences leads to conflict that bring to light the flaws of the education system.


The Seated Siren

Program: RAW Art Works, Lynn MA

Filmmakers: Jack Kelly, 15

Two emotional detectives search to find a mysterious killer before they bring positivity back to the world.

Program: Bay Area Video Coalition, The Factory, Oakland, CA

Filmmakers: Sylvia Colt-Lacayo, 15

A teenage girl struggles asking out a boy when she realizes society views her differently than she views herself because of her disability.


Program: Creative Action, Austin, TX

Filmmakers: Anissa Clark, 15,  Angel Saenz, 15 & Maria DeJesus Torrez, 17

When Maggie is assigned her role as a "token" character in her friend Spencer's story, all she wants to do is do her job. But as she learns more about tokens and their roles in stories, she and her fellow token friends decide to flip the script and break free.


Program: The Hip Hop Transformation, Cambridge, MA

Filmmakers: John Teal, 17, Andrique Fleurimond, 17, Christopher Bonnie, 18

Pain is a video about a young African American male's perspective on police bruatlity.


Program: Downtown Community Television Center, New York, NY

Filmmakers: Soledad Aguilar-Colon, 14, Kayla Anderson, 14, , Richard J. Ramos, 16, Alicia Torres, 16, Lena Williamson-Diaz

Since January 2015, nearly 800 people in the US have been killed by aggressive policing. This film explores the movement that has developed in support of people of color who have been killed in police encounters, as well as the impact of youth and their use of social media in the movement's growth.

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