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Bella G. R. 

Maryanna T.   

Austin TX

An experimental film that focuses on the effects that eating disorders can cause.

My Heart Can’t Speak The Way I Want It To

Angel S.

Austin TX

Ruben is in one of the most transformative years of his life, high school. Questioning his feelings for his girlfriend, Ruben worries how is life will change, and how the world will treat him differently, if he accepts the feelings inside himself. Ruben must make a choice. Love the way society wants him to, or live out his truth.

Not Quite Here, Not Quite There

Diana P.

Kianna T.

Emily P.

Media representations of immigrants dehumanize the people they portray. not Quite Here, not Quite There is a visual companion to a poem written by Diana Peña, focusing on the undocumented experience. This film is one of three short social change documentaries created by female youth in the Women’s Voices Now Summer Training program, Girls Voices Now. The program teaches documentary filmmaking and community activism to young women from underrepresented communities across Los Angeles.

Perfect You

Alex C.

Gainesville, FL

Perfect You was a program designed to purify one's self-image. When announced to the public, Perfect You spread like wildfire. Millions signed up, and millions more doubted its validity. However, less than a month after its inception, Perfect You disappeared. Every associated website was wiped from databases, leaving behind a trail of questions. Where did Perfect You go?


Calvin M.

17, Salt Lake City, UT

Sown takes a look at the experience and secondary trauma high school students experience from school shootings throughout the different aspects of daily life.

A Journey to Acceptance

Samantha D.

Swampscott, MA

This film is about my journey with ASD, and what I must go through on a daily basis. It demonstrates how I have overcome many obstacles and challenges that have come with my diagnosis. It was important for me to show a girl’s experience of having ASD, as the media’s depiction is often shown through a boy’s perspective.

My Name is Glowing in the Dark Woman

Jubei F. Q.

Kainai Nation, Blackfoot Territory (Lethbridge, Canada)

Marlene Heavyshields (Glowing in the Dark Woman) is a Blackfoot Elder and survivor of Residential Schools. She shares her story of overcoming loss and trauma with a courageous heart and deep strength.

Cries of the Children

Miracle E.

17, Saint Paul, MN

A video short about the impact of social media and border detention on Latino families.

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