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Submissions guidelines

Looking for, but not limited to, entries in the following categories: 

• Social Justice (politics, diversity, activism, LGBTQ+, gender, and race equity, etc.) 

• Youth Perspectives (leadership, teen violence, relationships, family, education, etc.) 

• Experimental Films that are abstract in nature but feature a perspective or voice not commonly heard from 




• Films playtime under 13 minutes made by teens aged 13-19 (DIYDS!!) or Films made by or with children aged 6-12 (DIYDS!! Jr) 

• The preferred format is an electronic submission uploaded as a high definition video on Vimeo or Dropbox with downloadable links

• A maximum of 5 videos may be submitted by anyone organization or program; only one film per group can be selected. 


Preference may be given to: 

• Groups or filmmakers that have not been featured at DIYDS!! before 

• Groups or filmmakers from low-income backgrounds or minority groups (youth of color, LBGTQ, disabled, etc.) 

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