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Black Hair Magic


Program: Pacific Arts Movement, San Diego, CA

Filmmakers: Alaysja Clark, 17

African-American women discuss the struggles and benefits of being a black woman in America through hair.

I Am Here

Program: Creative Action, Austin, TX

Filmmaker: Anissa Clark, 18, Lee Donie, 18, Mariadejesus Torrez, 18, Sydney Nielsen, 17, Maya Jackson, 17, Angel Saenz, 16, Emma Monreal, 15, Myles Kovalik, 16, Ava Gorecki, 17, Ethan Henry, 17, Timo Nelson, 16, Emily Steinbomer, 14, Zion Flores, 15, Presley Turner, 15, Andrew Bacon, 16, Trinity Gonzalez, 15, Amelia Bagnaschi, 15

I AM HERE is the story of Yesenia Martinez, an immigrant teen raised in the US whose family is undocumented. Yesenia keeps a low profile, expressing her vision of the world through private poetry. But when she reads her poems aloud for the first time, she begins to make friends who open up a world of art she had never imagined. As she reaches further into the world, her mother, worried for her safety and the family's security, keeps pulling her back. And with a rising wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in the city, Yesenia has to grapple with the reality of living as an undocumented immigrant, and what that means for her future.

Hiding In The Open

Program: Spy Hop, Salt Lake City, UT

Filmmaker: Sam Resetarits, 18

"Hiding in the Open" recounts the events which took place throughout the investigation and discovery of an enlisted woman’s sexuality and the challenges that followed.

Golden Boy Meets Nirvana


Program: Institute Of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA

Filmmakers: Sydney Bobb, 18

A new perception of male identity that challenges the heteronormative, compulsive masculine black culture. Golden Boy never fades.

Tuned In

Program: Florida Film Institute Summer Film Camp Program, Miami, FL

Filmmaker: Marta D'ocon, 17, Noa Richard, 17, Madeleine Salman, 17

When Nora finds an old transistor radio in a donations box, she is suddenly able to tune-in to the innermost thoughts and feelings of her friends and classmates. What she learns about them changes her life. What she learns about herself could stop a killer!

Love, Your Daughter

Program: Bay Area Video Coalition, San  Francisco, CA​

Filmmaker: Elaine Li, 18

A Chinese-American learns to deal with the pressures of having immigrant parents with high expectations. She learns to balance their expectations and her own goals for the future.

Hijab: Dispelling Myths About Muslim Students

Program: Light House Studio, Charlottesville, VA

Filmmakers: Aleena Haidari, 17

This short film interviews students about what hijabs mean to them. Most of the students featured are Muslim women who speak about their personal and religious beliefs. Other non-Muslim students discuss religious tolerance and how they strive to be inclusive of others.

The Skin I'm In

Program: Real Art Works, Lynn, MA

Filmmakers: Rajaiah Jones, 19

Three black females share their experiences on life, insecurities and what it means to be beautiful.



Program: Maysles Documentary Center Education Programming, New York, NY

Filmmakers: 1. Dany Minaya, 17, Zackery Echevarria, 16

A family reflects over the too-early-ended life of their son and brother, Zhala

Our Voice Matters


Program: Urgent, Inc., Miami, FL

Filmmaker: Marcus Williams, 17, Deondre Marshall, 18, Eveul Exil, 17, Angine Bien-Aime, 18, Travis Alexander, 18

"Our Voice Matters" is an original poetry film written, performed, produced, directed and edited by teens in URGENT, Inc's Rites of Passage Media Project with assistance by Florida Film House. This poetry film parallels how social issues like youth violence, racism and police brutality adversely impact youth with a call to action. The teens weaved their poetry with the fabric of their community to elevate youth voice on the impact of gun violence.

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